Tips and Tricks: PDF Invoice

Tips and tricks to get the most out of the customizations inside PDF Invoice maker & Invoice Maker Plus for iPhone and iPad

  1. Tap twice on a word to select it.
  2. Tap 4 times on a paragraph to select the whole paragraph. (Or keep your finger down and choose “Select all” from the menu that will appear)
  3. Put one finger in the beginning of a needed selection and the other at the end and hold in order to select.
  4. Tap twice at the beginning of desired selection and immediately start dragging pin to extend it. (keep your finger down after the second tap)
  5. IMPORTANT: The total of the invoice can only be adjusted by entering item quantities and prices. The calculations are done automatically inside the template.

You can also experiment with the copy/paste function in order to get truly customized invoices.

For instance, you can create a table inside a *.docx file on your computer. Open it on your device via the Mail app. Select the table inside of it and choose copy. At the bottom of the invoice, you can easily paste this table.


You can paste an image at the bottom of the invoice. From you photo library, tap and hold an image, then select COPY. At the bottom of the invoice, you can easily paste this image*. (* for best results, the image’s width should not be over 600 pixels)

Many users are asking how to delete an invoice from the archive: Simply Swipe the undesired invoice to the left and select “Delete”.

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